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How Does Family Therapy Work?

By: admin
November 5, 2019
Family therapy can be an integral part of addiction recovery. It helps to improve the way in which family members interact with and support one another, and it can also...

Why Choosing Couples Counseling Can Benefit Your Recovery

By: admin
October 10, 2019
Addiction issues can lead to discord and dysfunction within primary relationships. When conflict becomes commonplace, and a feeling of lost connection is prevalent, couples may not know where to turn....

How to Get Comfortable with the Idea of Counseling

By: admin
October 6, 2019
If you’re at the point in your recovery journey where counseling is a possibility, you’re probably experiencing many emotions and have questions about the process. Here’s some help with getting...

How Do I Support My Loved One Going Through Outpatient Treatment?

By: admin
September 25, 2019
Supporting a loved one as they participate in outpatient substance abuse treatment can be a constant challenge. You’re worried about your loved one, and you’re also likely struggling with your...

Is Outpatient Rehabilitation Right for Me?

By: admin
September 5, 2019
Those who are ready to seek further addiction treatment are often faced with the challenge of choosing the right option. Outpatient treatment can be very effective, but is it right...