Feeling Sober Curious? Here Are Some Benefits of Going Sober in the New Year

Feeling Sober Curious? Here Are Some Benefits of Going Sober in the New Year

Now that the holidays are finally over, all that celebrating may have left you feeling a little run-down, even though you may be a regular partier. You’re definitely not alone; many people feel like they might need a temporary break from drinking. Here’s how you’ll benefit by being sober curious.

What Is Sober Curious?

Sober curious began as a social media challenge to anyone who felt like they drank too much on the days leading up to and including New Year’s Day. This was called “Dry January,” but it has since expanded to include months like “Dry July and “Sober September.”

The neat thing about this idea is that people are getting online and talking about their positive sober experiences—and, now, science is backing these benefits, too.

Improved Sleep Quality

Although a few drinks before bed will definitely help you sleep, the quality of sleep you get when sober is far better. Alcohol traps you in REM sleep, which is less restful. Abstaining from alcohol will increase the amount of time you spend in deep sleep, which gives your mind and body the real rest it needs.

Better Mental Health

The truth is that alcohol has a direct effect on your brain chemistry. It can cause anything from mood swings to anxiety and depression. Some with existing mental health issues will sometimes attempt to self-medicate with alcohol. Unfortunately, this only creates a vicious cycle that worsens the problem. The best thing to do in this scenario is to seek the help of a therapist or support group.

Your Body Will Thank You

Alcohol dehydrates you and also promotes inflammation in the body. You might notice your skin looks younger and healthier after you start participating in the sober curious movement. That’s because it will be able to absorb all the vitamin A it needs to keep it looking vibrant.

Another benefit is that you’ll have more energy to stick to those resolutions like exercising—and you’ll also notice that you have better mental clarity.

More Time

Once you’ve been sober for a while, you might be surprised at how much time you have. Where you used to drink, you can now spend time with family, enjoy some “me” time with a hike or a good book, or anything else you can think of.

More Money

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Alcohol isn’t free. While you probably won’t save thousands by being sober curious, you will find you have more money than you used to. The money can be invested into anything from bills to food, to some self-pampering. If you’ve reached the point where you think you need some help beating alcohol addiction, investing in that can have a multitude of benefits as well.

Get Sober, Stay Sober

The sober curious movement has helped many to experience life in a completely new way. When you need more help to stop the cycle, The Botkiss Center for Recovery can help. Learn more about our holistic approach to recovery by calling 619-980-2615 today.

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