5 Signs Your Medical Marijuana Is Hurting You More Than Healing You

5 Signs Your Medical Marijuana Is Hurting You More Than Healing You

It has been legalized in several states, but is medical marijuana addictive? Like some other medications, experts say there is still a possibility of addiction if misused or improperly prescribed. Here are five signs to watch for that may suggest your medical marijuana is doing more harm than good.

You Need More Than You Once Did to Receive Benefits

If the dosage and strength needed to be effective have increased significantly, it’s possible that your body has developed an addiction. Don’t continue increasing the dose or frequency of use without talking to your doctor. Be honest about the increased tolerance, as your doctor can help guide you toward a healthier plan.

You’re Experiencing New or Worsening Side Effects

If new negative effects have appeared or existing side effects have gotten worse, it’s possible that your current prescription is doing more harm than good. Symptoms like headaches, nausea, coughing, and aches and pains may be vague, but it’s worthwhile to mention them to your doctor even if they seem unrelated. If you experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms after missing a dose, you could be addicted to marijuana.

The Side Effects Have Overtaken the Benefits

For some, even severe side effects can seem worth it to have relief from chronic pain and other difficult symptoms. However, there may be a point at which the benefits may be minimal in comparison to the bad side effects. If you’re dealing with hours of anxiety in exchange for half an hour of symptom relief, your medication may not really be helping anymore.

Your Doctor Has Voiced Concerns

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If a physician expresses concerns about the effects of medicinal marijuana on your health, take note and hear them out—especially if that doctor is your prescribing doctor. It may be a case where they feel it’s time to try a different dose or strain of medicinal marijuana, or they may find that your body has become addicted to it. Whatever the case, take their recommendations to heart. Your doctor only has your best interests in mind.

You’re More Focused on Your Medication Than Your Life

If getting your prescription, filling your prescription, and using your medicine are at the center of everything you do, it’s possible that your treatment has crossed over into addiction. As with other potentially habit-forming prescription medications, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve done anything wrong; it simply means things have gotten off track. If you spend most of your day thinking about easing your symptoms with marijuana, it may be time to recalibrate.

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