When Is it Time to Consider Family Counseling?

When Is it Time to Consider Family Counseling?

No family is without its problems, but when those problems are no longer possible for a family to resolve on their own and the situation continues to escalate, intervention in the form of family counseling can offer a solution for everyone. How can you know when it’s time to seek counseling as part of outpatient therapy in San Diego? Here are some common scenarios.

Communication Has Broken Down

Communication issues are one of the most common reasons that families consider counseling. The longer a family goes without communicating, the faster these relationships become disconnected. There are many reasons for breakdowns in communication among family members.

One Family Member Has Withdrawn

It can be difficult to know how to handle a family member who has become withdrawn. They may have stopped attending family functions or participating in family outings that they used to enjoy. This particular issue also has many potential causes; a family member may have an undiagnosed condition such as depression or anxiety, or they may be struggling with substance abuse.

Family therapy services can not only uncover the above issues but, in discovering them early, can ensure the family member receives the treatment they need.

A Sudden Change in Behavior

If someone in the family has seemed to suddenly become very irritable, defensive, and ambivalent when someone tries to make contact with them, this situation can also benefit from counseling. This situation can be particularly difficult to deal with, as the ambivalence can escalate to the point where no family member can connect with them at all.

Counseling puts the family member in a safe space where they feel more comfortable expressing their feelings. This can be the beginning of the healing process, where the many layers beneath can be uncovered and dealt with in a healthy manner.

When Trauma Is Too Much

Your family may have recently experienced trauma, such as the death of a family member or going through a divorce. Any major events like these can place family members at a loss as to how to share their grief or comfort one another. Counseling can help families to process their grief and restore their connections with each other.


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One family member may struggle with addiction, but everyone in the family experiences the pain, which can manifest itself in many ways; children may get poor grades, work difficulties may arise, and health problems due to chronic stress can also occur. Restorative therapy helps families to set boundaries and communicate more effectively.

From childhood stress to cultural and language barriers, and deception to problems with mental and physical health, all can be detrimental to family bonds. The Botkiss Center for Recovery offers family counseling as part of its intensive outpatient therapy in San Diego.

While a family member receives treatment, families learn the skills needed to deal with addiction and maintain their individual health. When you’re ready to explore the benefits of receiving counseling in a safe and supportive environment, Botkiss Center for Recovery can help; just call 619-980-2615.