How Does Family Therapy Work?

How Does Family Therapy Work?

Family therapy can be an integral part of addiction recovery. It helps to improve the way in which family members interact with and support one another, and it can also help family members deal with their own feelings surrounding addiction as relationships are healed. Here’s what to expect from this form of intensive outpatient therapy in San Diego.

Feeling Uncertain Is Normal

You may feel apprehensive about sharing your feelings with family members or a therapist, but this feeling is completely normal. You may have been keeping your thoughts and feelings bottled up for some time and may be unsure as to the right ways to share them. You may be nervous about sharing your feelings with family because you don’t know how they will react. All of these emotions are a healthy part of the recovery process.

A Safe Space

Family therapy services allow emotions to be explored and dealt with in a safe space. The person who has become addicted to drugs or alcohol is able to see firsthand how much of an impact this has had on their loved ones. Family therapy teaches participants how to interact and communicate in constructive ways that encourage recovery.

Family members are able to express their emotions regarding their loved one’s addiction, as well as learn how their own words and actions affect other family members.

Benefits for All

The great thing about family therapy is that it can address a wide range of challenges. The addicted individual can benefit, as can anyone in the family who is concerned about their loved one’s addiction. Those who want closer family relationships or who are dealing with their own challenges can also benefit from family therapy.

A Plan

Once everyone has gotten to know one another and trust in the therapist has been built, the family can begin talking about the feelings, dreams, and goals. From this foundation, a plan for overcoming communication problems can be created. This plan can help an addicted loved one to feel supported and family members to feel stronger and more confident.

You’re Not Alone

Family therapy reminds you that there are people in your life who love you and are willing to help you. Family therapy also helps family members deal with their own issues, providing you with the opportunity to help them also.

There Will Be Homework

friends team mate placing hand together

Family therapy doesn’t end when the sessions do. The lessons learned during therapy sessions must then be applied at home every day. It’s highly likely that, following a session, you and your family members will be assigned various tasks for you to complete, either individually or as a group. They’re also likely to assign goals for the family to reach between sessions.

Recovery from addiction is a journey for individuals and their families. With family therapy, everyone can learn how to improve their relationships with the ones they care about. Outpatient therapy in San Diego from Botkiss Center for Recovery can help—just call 619-980-2615 to get started.