Why Choosing Couples Counseling Can Benefit Your Recovery

Why Choosing Couples Counseling Can Benefit Your Recovery

Addiction issues can lead to discord and dysfunction within primary relationships. When conflict becomes commonplace, and a feeling of lost connection is prevalent, couples may not know where to turn. Visiting a San Diego treatment center to receive couples counseling can offer many benefits.

Both Partners Can Receive Help

Even though it may seem that only the addicted partner is responsible for the deterioration of the relationship, the truth is that both partners are affected by it. For example, a non-addicted partner may be engaging in unconscious behavior which is allowing their partner to continue their addiction and, ultimately, the problems in the relationship.

Counseling can make both partners aware of these and other behavioral patterns and offer the help and support they need to break them.

It Can Open the Lines of Communication

Without counseling, a couple may find themselves arguing the same points over and over again. Or, they may not be communicating at all. Counseling in a San Diego recovery center can help both partners to rebuild their trust in one another, which can lead to improved communication.

Because of the impartiality of counseling, it also gives each partner a fresh perspective on their issues and offers tools that they can use to notice behaviors which cause conflict, as well as resolve any conflicts which may arise.

A Healthier Way to Resolve Relationship Issues

Couples who are experiencing problems as the result of addiction may resort to any number of unhealthy attempts to deal with it. A partner’s addiction may deepen or painful arguments can ensue. Betrayal of the relationship may occur, or a couple may begin living completely separate lives. Couples counseling explores healthy ways that each partner can process their own emotional issues, which can often be contributing to relationship problems.

Help for Repairing Relationships

When both partners are invested in the health of their relationship and are motivated to change it for the better, counseling can result in much healing. By resolving to work together, issues can be brought to the surface to be healed and forgiven. As a result, the relationship can be repaired and be strong enough to continue the recovery journey to a successful end.

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A Way to Move Forward

Sometimes, those who engage in couples counseling decide to renew their commitment to one another, and their relationship can be rebuilt. Other times, counseling can lead to more understanding as to why a relationship is no longer viable. Whichever the result, participating in counseling can help both partners to move forward with their lives in healthy ways.

The Botkiss Center for Recovery recognizes the importance of marital and couple counseling to those in recovery. Our counseling services benefit both partners, leading to relationships that are more satisfying, have a higher degree of communication, and benefit recovery over the long term. If you are ready to explore counseling in a safe and supportive environment, we are ready to assist you. Simply call our outpatient mental health clinic in San Diego: 619-980-2615.