Is Outpatient Rehabilitation Right for Me?

Is Outpatient Rehabilitation Right for Me?

Those who are ready to seek further addiction treatment are often faced with the challenge of choosing the right option. Outpatient treatment can be very effective, but is it right for you? Knowing what to expect from outpatient substance abuse treatment can help you with this important decision.

Who Is Best Suited for Outpatient Rehabilitation?

Outpatient rehabilitation is ideal for those in addiction’s early stages. It can also be for you if you’ve already participated in an inpatient program and require aftercare. Those who have experienced or wish to avoid relapse can also benefit from outpatient rehabilitation.

If you have family, work, school, or other life commitments that you must honor, outpatient treatment may be a good choice for you. Let’s discuss how to choose the best outpatient rehab San Diego has to offer for your specific needs.

Assessment Is Key

Because there is more than one type of outpatient rehab, and because each person’s needs are unique, having an initial assessment is necessary. It evaluates all mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your life. It also reveals any hidden barriers to your recovery. Following the assessment, a treatment plan is customized for your needs.

Characteristics of Outpatient Rehabilitation

Outpatient rehabilitation is different from its inpatient counterpart in several ways. You will be traveling to a facility or clinic to receive daily treatment. Many types of treatment are available and include:

  • Individual, family, marital, or couple counseling
  • Addiction group counseling
  • Psychiatric evaluation and treatment
  • Addiction evaluation

Another characteristic which separates outpatient from inpatient treatment is that you can continue to live at your home and meet your work, school, and parenting responsibilities while receiving support and therapy. Outpatient treatment is also focused on helping you develop a healthy support system and behaviors that are conducive to a sober lifestyle.

What Outpatient Rehab Is Like

After work or school, you travel to the designated treatment center, where you’ll participate in outpatient treatment for approximately three hours a day. Once per week, you will participate in individual counseling. Your treatment plan may involve all of the treatments mentioned above, as well as taking advantage of other services.

Legal services offered by outpatient treatment centers can help you navigate the criminal justice system in the event that you require assistance with any current charges, such as paraphernalia or DUI. You may also spend time in outpatient alcohol treatment San Diego seeking assistance with family law and employment issues, which can include drug and alcohol testing to meet court or employment requirements.

You will also find that outpatient rehabilitation requires a different level of commitment than other treatment options. Although there is much flexibility in terms of living at home, you will be required to commit to the number of hours outlined in your treatment plan.

Confidential, Flexible Rehab Solutions

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The Botkiss Center for Recovery offers outpatient rehabilitation programs which treat the whole person. As a result, clients benefit from knowing they are heard and understood. If you’re ready to explore outpatient treatment, we are ready to support you. Contact Botkiss today at 619-980-2615.